Who is PureAir?

Since 1978, PureAir has grown from our small facility in Greenwood, MS to include offices throughout the United States. By positioning our service technicians strategically throughout the US, PureAir can deliver the level of service you require. "We didn't choose to cover such a large area -- it just seemed to happen", said Timmy Lott, PureAir President. "We never have refused to service an account. Since PureAir was sending service technicians in several states, we thought it was best to acquire other companies in these states so we could increase their customer base in those areas. Much of PureAir's growth has come from acquisitions of other companies. We've tried to expand with companies that fit our style of management."

PureAir, originally strictly a service company, has expanded into the direct sales market. PureAir has hired salesmen with the knowledge and training to give the customer what they need, instead of only what lines they offer. The relationship PureAir has with its suppliers has helped fuel its growth. "Our suppliers back us not only because we move product, but because we add value to the sell," said Jimmy Lott. "We don't just change filters, we evaluate [ CAFS ] what product is needed, and we supply the product, place it in service, and evaluate its performance." PureAir has trained technicians, many of which have been certified by the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) as Certified Air Filter Specialists (CAFS), and their responsibilities include not only the filter aspect of the service, but also visual checks of the units to ensure that we report any noticeable problems to management.

PureAir has established a good working relationship with numerous mechanical contractors, and receives a large volume of subcontract filter business from them. Timmy Lott believes that the two tend to complement one another, and it makes it possible for both companies to give the customer the best service for their money.

For PureAir, the family philosophy has groomed quite a workforce. The Lott's feel that they have been fortunate to have so many associates find a home at PureAir. And with the movement of PureAir in different directions, it has given the technicians the opportunity to make changes in their responsibilities without leaving the company. They constantly review their team to determine if an individual's attributes would be better placed in a sales or branch management position. PureAir believes that the future of the Air Filtration Industry is advancing so rapidly that education will continue to be the key factor. That's why PureAir has dedicated itself to training and educating its management and technicians about Indoor Air Quality issues. PureAir believes that if its team is trained in these issues and remedies then they will be better business partners with their customers.

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PureAir Service is available everywhere in the USA your facilities demand

Nationwide Coverage

From California to Florida, PureAir is able to service large industrial complexes, and many more.And if you have facilities throughout the USA, no problem, PureAir can coordinate your filter service on a National basis through our own service network. Regardless of the original equipment installed, PureAir offers a complete service schedule to fill virtually any air filter need. LEARN MORE  Learn More
PureAir (ISD) Industrial Services Division

Industrial Services Division

The PureAir Industrial Services Division (ISD) is a specialized division that handles our exclusive list of Corporate and Industrial Clients. ISD technicians are highly trained and familiar with all types of Industrial Environments. These Plants require our most technically advanced employees to perform detailed work amid some of the most trying environments. Learn More.LEARN MORE  Learn More
Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association
National Association of Convenience Stores
 Restaurant Facility Management Association
National Air Filtration Association
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